Rose Detail






Detailing is the process of using rejuvenation techniques and methods to make a vehicle look, smell, and feel brand new. To us at Premere, detailing a car's interior consist of cleaning all the surfaces. This Includes treating the hard to reach cracks and crevices that are often overlooked.

how long will it take?

We try to fulfill the customers wants same day, but all depends on the type of vehicle, if that vehicle is a car, van, or truck. Some of us may have children and we know how fast a mess can occur, can get bad fast gives enough of your time and we’ll have your vehicle looking new!. Leave you’re car for a day feel refreshed the next!!.

Damage Vehicle inspection

Upon arrival we will do a walk around, to verify where if there are any damages to the vehicle. Such as scratches major or minor, dents, or anything missing on the vehicle. Cracks in the glass. Note that if damage is too severe we will be unable to detail vehicle. Make sure to remove any and all valuable items.


Exterior detailing involves cleaning outside of vehicle Polish : Wheels/wheel wells, int/ext. Windows, Truck beds/ Berliners. chrome trim, windows, wheels, and tires, as well as other visible components. We also do removal of rubber from wheel wells/ back fenders.


Cost are determined by the type of detail you request We try to be as fair as possible. We offer several packages, look carefully and let us know how we can make your day.

Some are more dirty than others. Additional cost may come from several thing such as, excessive pet hair Additional cost may come from type of stain, and type of material.

Interior only detail : $85 (call to discuss condition of vehicle)

Exterior detail only : $90-100

Complete Detail : $190


Discounts are available for senior citizens 65 years older and for those in the active military.

Complete detail

The full detail package is the best value. The full package includes power wash under carriage/car, wheel wells. waxing, cleaning inside/outside windows. tire shine, full interior detail and polish. Mats will be taken out cleaned appropriately. Between/underneath seats, garbage taken out, and complete vacuum.

holiday special

Around the holidays we offer our customers various deals and specials.Call in and ask us what we’ve got going on. You won’t leave disappointed.